Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) Implementation in Nagekeo District, Indonesia

plan4Globally, 26% of the world population are women in their productive age. Each month they experienced menstruation period for 2-7 days. Menstruation is a natural experience for a woman in the productive age. In menstrual period, women should pay attention to the hygiene aspect to have a healthy menstruation. Yet, hygiene education on menstruation still receive less serious attention in the community, especially for women who experienced it for the very first time.

The community still see menstruation as personal matters and cannot be exposed. There are also so many cultural and tradition practices that bring negative impact to menstruation. Most community still see it as taboo to talk about menstruation whereas women and girls have the right to receive the right information on menstruation, including the information how to properly keep their hygiene during their period.

As a result, many girls experienced their first menstruation with fear, restless, and confused.  Girls with their first menstruation may also experience bullying from the boys. There are many boys who have less understanding of menstruation as a natural thing that hapened to every women. The lack of information on menstruation causes the bullying practices to girls.

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